North Carolina Public Library Data

North Carolina Data Dashboards

The data dashboards allow you to select a public library and a comparison group from drop down menus (for example, comparison to other economic tier 2 libraries or comparison to other regional libraries). The dashboards then display various performance indicators (PIs) about the library, as well as census data about the library's community. For both PIs and community data, the dashboards display the library data and also the average value for the comparison group, as well as the library's difference from the average value. Explore the data dashboards now!

Data about North Carolina libraries

NC public library trends, FY2004-2014

This Excel visualization shows the annual statewide percentage increase/decrease in income, expenditures, staff, and services at public libraries.

Inflation-adjusted State Aid to public libraries (2007-2014)

This Excel document shows total and per capita annual State Aid to NC public libraries from 2007 forward, adjusted for inflation. It includes the adjustment worksheet from the Bureau of Economic Analysis. See also the Library Inflation Calculator.

North Carolina Public Library Survey data

Download over 10 years of North Carolina data for the national Public Library Survey (this includes local NC data not found in the national dataset). Data for the current year is available in draft form several months after the survey closes.

National Public Library Survey data

Download 20 years of nation-wide data for the Census Bureau's annual public library survey. Data is finalized and released 1.5 years after the survey ends, so federal data for the most recent fiscal year is not available. Data is available as flat file and as Microsoft Access database files.


Login required: access for library staff only. Contact if you would like access. LibPAS is a web-based service that provides advanced reporting for library performance metrics and data.

NC Library E-Rate Data

Download e-rate request/funding data for 1998-present. Search by state, Billed Entity Number (BEN), and year. NC library BENs can be found here.

North Carolina Library Summer Reading Program Data

NOTE: Not all libraries collect data on participants. Therefore, numbers provided below for participants are less than the actual number of statewide participants. Click a column header to sort the data in ascending order; click a second time to sort in descending order.

View SRP data as Google spreadsheet

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Data about North Carolina communities

Kids Count Data Center

This website provides searchable data on the wellbeing of children. Find child poverty levels, racial/ethnic breakdown, and dozens more indicators for your library's county or city service area. Funded by the Annie E. Casey foundation.

Census: NC Quick facts

Use dropdown menus to produce tables of quickfacts about population, business, and geography by city/county. Provides comparative information for the entire state (ex., % population with a high school diploma in a county versus in the entire state).

Uninsured persons by NC county

View the North Carolina Institute of Medicine's county-level estimates of non-elderly uninsured persons for North Carolina (2010-2011) or the Kids Count Data Center's count-level info on uninsured persons by age group (2011).

NC County Budget & Tax info

The North Carolina Association of County Commissioners' website provides results (Excel, PDF) of annual surveys for all 100 counties on budget and tax information.

Child poverty by county (1995-2013)

Download longitudinal data on the number and percent of children living in poverty for each NC county from 1995-2013. Source: Kids Count Data Center. Format: Excel spreadsheet with pivot table and raw data.

Reading and Math Achievement Scores, statewide (2000-2015)

Download Excel spreadsheet containing NC statewide achievement scores for 2000, 2003, 2005, 2009, 2011, 2013, and 2015.

Homelessness data

The North Carolina Coalition to End Homelessness provides annual data on the number of homeless persons by county, as well as a map showing homelessness across the state.

Log Into North Carolina (LINC)

This interactive data retrieval service contains over thirty years of data for over 900 data items for each county in the state. Reports may be viewed through your browser, printed, or saved as html files for loading into a spreadsheet.

County Health Rankings
and Roadmaps

The Rankings measure vital health factors, such as obesity, smoking, unemployment, access to healthy foods, and the quality of air/water. The Roadmaps provide tools to understand the data, and strategies that communities can use to move from education to action.

Economic Snapshots

The NC Budget & Tax Center's Economic Snapshots is a biannual look at how well counties in NC are faring across key indicators of economic well-being and opportunity.

USDA Food Atlas

Statistics on food environment indicators such as store/restaurant proximity, food prices, food and nutrition assistance programs, and community characteristics. Provides interactive maps of a community's access healthy food, as well as downloadable datasets.

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